Personal Touch Cleaning Service of Anderson SC LLC

Anderson SC 29624

Personal Touch Cleaning Service Of Anderson, SC LLC

Let Us Give You The Free Time You Deserve!

Payment Method Options

Frequency of Payments

New Customers:

Please Refer to Pay-Pal online!!!

Pay up front until we have established a working relationship

Pay - Per Cleaning

With this type of cleaning, you pay for each cleaning on the day of by one of the below methods.

Payment Option:


On-line Invoice

Credit/Debit Card Process

Secure invoice via email

Free acct sign-up via PAYPAL

Provide email address for invoices

Choose how often to pay

Note: View PAY-PAL terms and agreements for 

more information


Cash/Check Payments

Make Payable to:

Personal Touch Cleaning ,

Sheri Hayes


Pay Cash

Always secure payments in envelope. or you can

Mail payment

3519 Chipwood Dr.

Anderson, SC 29624

We ask that you please mail payment within two to three days in advance of your cleaning day to avoid delays and inconveniences with processing of payments.

Payment Agreement

We ask that you inform Personal Touch Cleaning a week in advance of any additional cleaning service you . Additional charges will be added for cleaning that is not within your original cleaning agreement, be it verbal or written.

Also, when any cleaning weeks are needing to be skipped or canceled and a whole cycle has gone by - PLEASE PAY THE NEXT CLEANING PAYMENT UP

example: weekly will pay for a bi-weekly cleaning and so forth. However, if more than 4 weeks are missed we will need to re-clean for an initial clean to get it back to where you were.

Pre-Payment Customers

If there is ever a time in which you are not able to have a certain clean within a month that you have already paid, Personal Touch will apply that payment to the next available cleaning date.

We ask that you inform us at least 72 hours in advance of rescheduling. Pre-payments will be due on your first cleaning day of that month.

Credit - Card Payments

If you would like for us to keep your credit card file and bill you each month or you may pay each month at the beginning of the month. If you are late more than 3 (three) times paying via credit card, you will automatically be removed from this payment option. Credit Card invoices will be sent 1(one) day in advance via email.


$35 Fee will for returned checks

LATE PAYMENT WARNING: if we do not receive your payment by your due date, you will incur a late fee up to $35.00 and a 24.99% APR will also be applied after the first month on the balance.  

At the end of each billing cycle, multiply your Average Daily Balance for each segment by the daily periodic rate(APR divided by 365) for that segment, and then we multiply the results by the number of days in the billing cycle.

We are not a bank and cannot clean your property for $0.00. We are a business that takes care of our workers, and they work for a paycheck every week just like you do. Without them, you cannot have the clean house you deserve!

So please, pay your bill at the time of service and Thank you for allowing Personal Touch Cleaning to become a part of your world!