Personal Touch Cleaning Service of Anderson SC LLC

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Personal Touch Cleaning Service Of Anderson, SC LLC

Let Us Give You The Free Time You Deserve!

New Construction Cleaning

Personal Touch has been cleaning new homes in the area since 1994. Our dedication and integrity earned us a strong reputation with our customers. We are always willing to devote the extra effort to do the job right. Our workmanship never varies, we clean every home as if it were our own.

Our Technique

We start by removing the dust by vacuuming using natural hair vacuum brushes to avoid surface scratching. We do not use oils or cleaners on any surfaces to prevent damage by using chemicals. We use soft micro-fiber cloths to wipe all surfaces.

Our Scheduling

Depend on us to accommodate your busy schedule and meet the demands of your time sensitive projects. We are extremely flexible and can get the job done when you need it done.

Our Rates

Our rates are highly competitive in the new construction cleaning market. Please contact us for an estimate. There is no obligation or cost.

Whole House

Windows, tracks, sills, frames

Plastic/label removal

Dust, polish all wood

Light fixtures, mirrors

Ceiling fans, fireplace

Wood beams, walls

Sweep, mop, vacuum


Plastic/label removal

Counter tops, sinks

Drawers, cabinets (inside & out)

Glass surfaces


Light fixtures

Sweep, mop 


Plastic/label removal

Counter tops, sinks

Tubs, showers, toilets

Shine faucets & knobs

Light fixtures, mirrors

Sweep, mop 


Remove labels

Vacuum window tracks

Clean window frames

Clean inside/outside

***charge per window